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William Cowger is an artist rather than just a photographer. The thrill of capturing breathtaking images is a passion... not a job. Let him thrill you with his art.

William Cowger specializes as an environmental portrait photographer. Far more meaningful than sitting in a studio, environmental photographers shoot in any location that is meaningful to the family. Sometimes it is the backyard, sometimes it's on the beach or in a park. Environmental Portraits create an image that tells a story of when and where rather than just who. This concept fits for Family Photography,Child Photography, Event Photography, Corporate Photography and Advertising Photographer,

William Cowger is a professional photographer in Troy, Michigan and is a member of the Professional Photographers of America, Professional Photographers of Michigan, the Troy Chamber of Commerce, and the Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce.

"Finding beauty in one's day to day life is as easy as looking for it!"
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